Duck Hunting

Enjoy The Crisp Mornings In The Duck Blind

Duck hunting Rates:

  • $220 per hunt without Guide/ $150 extra for Guide (Morning Hunt ONLY)

2 person minimum per hunt, Unless specified

4 person max per hunt

Includes: Decoys, Transportation to and from blind

Must be out of blind no later than 11:30 a.m.

Lodging: Call or Email for pricing

Flying mallard
Louisiana, especially the south, is arguably, one of the best duck hunting destinations in the US. The grassy coastal marshes, the pine woods, and the dense forestations, all have an abundance of ducks virtually everywhere, thanks to swampy backwaters and breezy bayous. However, the best of it all is the fact that duck hunting is readily accessible through public lands.
The 1.3 million areas of wildlife management area (WMA) across Louisiana offer a great opportunity to duck hunters. Out of all the publicly accessible areas, here are three of the best in South Louisiana.

Pass A Loutre WMA

Located at the mouth of the Mississippi River, this WMA is only accessible via boat. Get ready to see some scenic crisscrossing bayous and canals with fresh mashes intertwining. This WMA offers a great feeding ground to ducks where they can hide in the submerged vegetations. However, ducks are seen more during the winters, with species including pintail, mallards, gadwalls, and widgeons. While this is probably one of the best hunting grounds in South Louisiana, expect some really hazardous fogs on odd days.

The Atchafalaya Basin

The Atchafalaya River Basin is located in the heart of South Louisiana, and also happens to be the largest backwater swamp in the country. While the entire 1.4 million-acre area is suspect to seasonal flooding, there are a wide range of duck species to hunt here. You can choose from Sherburne WMA, Attakapas WMA, and Indian Bayou Army Corps of Engineers Property for waterfowl hunting.

The Atchafalaya Delta WMA
Located at the mouth of Atchafalaya River and the Wax Lake Outlet, this 140,000-acre property provides a wide range of vegetations attractive to ducks. In fact, you can hunt gadwalls, mallards, scaups, ring-necks, and some redhead ducks in what is one of the most reliable WMAs to bag ducks. It is only accessible via boat and to reach the interior marsh, you’ll have to take a pirogue.

The Gear

Before even thinking about getting a permit for hunting ducks from the WMAs, consider the gear you have available. Waterfowl hunting, unlike other animal hunting, can tend to be expensive. Hence, it is best to have your gear ready before you make the move:
  • Shotgun – This is a no brainer but there is something you should understand here. Firstly, if you don’t own a gun already, consider the Remington or Mossberg pump action guns. They are ideal for waterfowl hunting and can be bought anywhere between $250 and $500.
  • Gun Oil Kit– If you don’t own one, you don’t take hunting or your gun seriously. Buy a gun oil kit, ideally from the manufacturer of your gun. It’s going to cost anywhere from $5 to $20, so no reason not to buy one.
  • Folding Knife – You can easily purchase a good, efficient folding knife under $100. No need to go out and buy the Karambit models because we’re not going on stealth based operations. A folding knife is your screwdriver, gun repair tool, cutting tool, undressing tool, and eventually a knife so make sure you get one.
  • Duck Call – All it takes is spending $20 on a good duck call. However, there are instances where a duck call may actually lead the waterfowls to fly away from you. Then again, it’s the best thing you have to attract your prey.
With a headlamp, a PFD, and waterproof waders, you are now officially ready for the hunting season!

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