Deer Hunting

Enjoy The Swamp Lands Inside Of A Box Blind Or Tree Stand

Rates Per Day:

  • $120 per hunt (morning or noon)
  • $240 per day (morning & noon)

Just for the hunt / NOT including kill fees

  • Buck– $550 per buck + day rate(s) 8 point or better (3 years old or older)
  • Doe– $120 per doe + day rate(s) 80 pounds or over (If doe tags are available)

Lodging: Call or Email for pricing

Bayou Hunting Expeditions
South Louisiana is known across the hunting world as one of the top destinations for deer hunting. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries currently manages over 1 million acres of wildlife areas where deer hunting opportunities are readily available. Then again, deer don’t just gallop past you every now and then, do they?

Low Conversion

The fact is that each wildlife management area in South Louisiana is unique in its own right. Hence, it may take you a couple of minutes before you get a deer in range at one area while it may take days before you can see so much as a fawn in others. For instance, the Pearl River WMA is known as a deer hunting ground despite the low number of hunts per season. However, this has more to do with the success level of hunters during the hunting season. It was reported in the 2013–2014 season by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries that across the 35,000-acre Pearl River WMA, only 4 efforts were successful out of 406. Let that sink in for a moment because this equals to nearly 101.5 efforts per one deer, which is the worst percentage yet in any of the WMAs across Louisiana. On the other side of the spectrum, the Loggy Bayou WMA, a 6,300-acre stretch of wild lands is where 240 efforts led to 80 deer hunts. This brings the ratio to three efforts per deer.

Preparing for the Hunting Season

While it is illegal in some instances to pay a local for a guide or tour of the WMAs, it is always helpful to get their opinion. After all, hundreds of avid hunters travel from all parts of the United States to the sustainable lands of Louisiana. Since the forestation is dense in some areas and walkable in others, it is good to know beforehand what to except in the WMA you will be hunting in. Ideally, you should be looking to stay in the WMA for a week, so bring an RV with your tactical gear. Once you arrive at a WMA, you will be given a map and a permit. Ideally, your hunting equipment should include horizontal and vertical bows, single shot rifles, shotguns, handguns, and a ghost ring sight tactical rifle. If you don’t know what a ghost ring sight is; it’s basically a tiny peephole with a thin ring and large aperture that gives you accuracy of up to 100 yards. Not a bad deal when you have found yourself a vantage point to shoot from!

Deer Hunting Schedule

So are you ready for the hunting season? First off, you should know the shooting hours, otherwise you’re only going to land yourself in hot water. The Consult Wildlife Management Area and the Federal Land both schedule the regulations and the dates for deer hunting in the WMAs. The shootings hours start one and half hour before sunrise and end one and a half hour after sunset. The possession limit is 6 deer per season, which should not be exceeded. For antlers, it is 3 antlered per season or 4 antlerless per season, with the daily bag limit set to 1 antlered and 1 antlerless, where legal.

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