Deer Hunting



Enjoy The Swamp Lands Inside Of A Box Blind Or Tree Stand 



Rates per Day- 

                  *$120 per hunt (morning/noon) *$240 per day (morning & noon)

                                    Just for the hunt / NOT including kill fees


Buck– *$550 per buck + day rate(s) 8 point or better (3 years old or older)


Doe– *$120 per doe + day rate(s) 80 pounds or over (If doe tags are available)


*The kill of a buck less than 8 points, and/or a doe less than 80#, will result in additional charges*


$550 for buck + $300 fine + day rate(s)  -$120 for doe +$300 fine + day rate(s)


                            Transportation to and from stand



            Call or Email for pricing